As a leader in Human Capital Development across Africa, AMSCO prides itself in being the best human capital service provider. We believe that this is the best time for employees to improve their knowledge and skills in order to remain relevant in their jobs and duties, especially in a time when there are a lot of uncertainties in the workplace.

The coming of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many business have had to go through many drastic and unforeseen changes. It is up to businesses to embrace the “new normal” and innovate new ways of doing business, especially with most companies either slowing down or closing. AMSCO Advisory Services Zambia Limited is continuously adapting and finding new ways to provide services to its clients.

Our training programmes have had to evolve from the conventional face-to-face set up, to online delivery using Google Meet and Zoom. This implies that not only are we preventing the spread of the deadly virus, but we are now also able to expand the size of our sessions from 25 participants to as many as 50 participants per session. As an advisory firm AMSCO aims to help businesses align with the “new normal” in order to manage human resources and businesses during and after the pandemic.

AMSCO Zambia, through its Enterprise Development Programme, successfully hosted an online training program themed ‘Strategic Thinking, everyone’s responsibility targeting middle-line managers. The training took place from 7th to the 15th May 2020, and it was attended by fifteen (15) participants for three hours per day over a five-day period. Training materials and follow-up assignments were sent to participants using email, while WhatsApp was used for group assignments, one-on-one engagement with facilitators and feedback.

The objective of the training was to enhance the ability of the managers to think at a higher level, look out for opportunities and threats in their external environment, be creative, improve problem solving, observe current trends and anticipate the future, among other strategic thinking skills. The training created awareness among participants that strategic thinking was not the responsibility of top management alone, but that is indeed everyone’s responsibility.

Feedback from the participants is positive, with most intimating that the training will help them find the balance between today’s expectations and tomorrow’s opportunities, while helping them become more observant and adaptable in their individual area of responsibility. Four-weeks later, some participants have reported an increase in self-drive and an inherent appreciation of the impact of their actions on the general performance of the organisation.

The EDP Beneficiary Enterprises are set to participate in three more training programmes: Managing Cashflow in a Pandemic / Crisis set to take place in June, 2020 and this year (2020).

AMSCO Zambia would therefore like to take this opportunity to invite companies, NGOs, Government Ministries, Agencies and Parastatal entities to register for future open trainings by sending an email to: or contact Sydney Sampa (+260) 211 295 943 OR

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