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The Enterprise Development Project (“EDP”) has been designed by AMSCO, in close consultation with the Government of the Republic of Zambia (“GRZ”), to provide management, technical and capacity building support to the enterprises and organizations in Zambia. The objectives of the EDP, is to strengthen the private sector to be more competitive and sustainable by strengthening the productivity, management and technical skills of Zambian employees of beneficiary organizations.
To do this, the EDP will engage Technical Experts (Technical Experts or “TEs”), and second them to qualifying beneficiary enterprises (“BEs”) for up to five (5) years. Each BE and TE shall be pre-approved by a Project Steering Committee (“PSC”) which shall oversee the implementation of the project in Zambia. The PSC shall also approve an assignment extension for a TE beyond the initial five (5) years.
The specific expected Outputs and Development Impact of each engagement shall be determined at the beginning of each assignment, monitored during the life of the assignment, and assessed at the completion of the assignment.
AMSCO shall be the Implementing Partner for this EDP, and shall support the TEs assignments by providing any necessary Human Resource Advisory (“HRA”) services under the EDP to the BEs. Where a particular needed service is not available from AMSCO’s suite of services, AMSCO shall procure a service provider at the most competitive rates to provide the service.
An EDP Cooperation Framework Agreement signed on 24th February 2017 between GRZ and AMSCO provides the legal framework for designing and implementing this EDP.

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